The genitalia are retractable and females do have mammary glands. There is a third gender, which is an asexual gender (meaning they are sexless, not that they reproduce without the need of sex). All V’lurians can create children asexually, if desired. The two parents will separate a portion of their auras or souls to create a smaller, third aura, which then follows the mother’s aura about until an egg is ready to inhabit. During the soul-union, the ova-producing parent (this is decided during the ritual, and yes, this means two females can mate) will begin producing an unfertilized egg. After the egg has been laid, the third soul will inhabit it, and the cellular mitosis will begin, following the guidance of the third soul. When the child hatches, it will usually be a combination of traits, both physical and mental, of the two parents. This process often results in a “new soul” (explained later), though “old souls” can inhabit eggs of this process at times.

There are sub-species of V’lurians. They are more precisely half-breeds formed by the asexual reproduction ritual where one of the parents is not a V’lurian. This is the source of V’lurians with hair, as well as the few with more drastic differences in form. V’lurians lay eggs, but they usually keep the eggs within their body for a long period. The egg usually hatches a week or so after being laid. V’lurians are all born asexual and then develop sexual organs around the age of 50. During the ten years after first beginning to develop genitalia, they may spontaneously switch genders, though they will retain this second gender. There are a few rare hermaphroditic V’lurians, mostly due to a child switching genders too late and essentially becoming both. V’lurians may retain the status of asexual instead of becoming one of the other genders.

Purebred V’lurians, except for those that participated in the Rediscovery (explained later), have a weaker sense of love and hate. For the most part, those who partner up with another do so more for a sense of companionship than out of love. V’lurian relationships tend to be another of those things that humans have trouble understanding. Mating is done for pleasure and reproduction, as in humans, but there is no sense of possession, like in humans. If a V’lurian finds his/her/its mate having intercourse with another V’lurian, there is no jealousy, merely a hope that it is fulfilling, like one human would hope another human is enjoying the steak they are eating. Oddly, V’lurians do not even consider having intercourse with more than one person at a time. It’s not taboo, it just isn’t something they’ve even considered.


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