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Er, uh...Hi! Yeah... This site is still under construction, but unlike *some* people, I'm not going to just put up some stupid sign saying it's under construction and not let you see what parts are already done. I'm going to stick random doodlie things on here for no apparent reason. I'm still trying to get everything back from the last webserver I used. Hopefully, that won't take much longer.

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Normally, I don't get all political, but I am totally against President Bush trying to force his religious views upon the citizens of this country. An artist came up with the image below and not only allows, but encourages people to copy it and spread it around. She has a deal on her website that will allow people to buy bumper stickers with this image, with all proceeds going to one of the anti-"Federal Marriage Amendment" organizations (should you be able to direct her to one, there's a link on her site to do so).

While, I'm not against religious people holding office, if they cannot grasp the simple concept of Separation of Church and State then they do not belong in that office. So, write to your various state representatives and remind them that this country was founded on the freedom from religious oppression, and that includes being oppressed by the religious.