The V’lurian life span averages 21,000 years. Reproductive rates, are therefore, very low. Usually one child born in any given century in the average clan. V’lurians almost always reincarnate. Exceptions such as soul-suicide or the V’lurian-Lehmerian War are the usual causes for soul-death. Between reincarnation is a period of rest for the soul which most V’lurians can remember the sensation of. It is like being half-asleep and sated in every way. The reincarnation of V’lurians is believed to be due to the soul of the V’lurian becoming a separate entity. One which leaves the body at the time of death, and wanders about searching for a new one. The consciousness is dormant, and the soul has a more feral mindset. Once it finds a host, being a newly born body that has at least a decent amount of V’lurian genetics, it bonds to the host and becomes that body’s soul. Newborn V’lurians have a “baby soul” at birth that is separate from the soul that comes to reside within a newborn V’lurian. This “baby soul” will simply become part of the older soul if a soul bonds with the newborn. Otherwise, it becomes a new soul that acts as all of the older souls do once its first body is dead. V’lurian reincarnation is different, from my perspective, than that of most other beings. A V’lurian with an “old soul” will have the personality of its former self at about two or three days before it hatches (prior egg-time is spent asleep and dreaming). It is not uncommon to hear your baby’s empathic messages before it hatches, and to be able to hold adult-level conversations with newly hatched V’lurians.

A reincarnated V’lurian has all of the memories and abilities it had during it previous lives, even language. This is the time that it becomes apparent if the baby is a “new soul.” If your baby is unable to speak and has no muscle coordination, it is the first birth of its soul.

A V’lurian is always reborn on the planet they die on. This was first discovered by those who had colonized nearby planets.  This fact created an unfortunate group known as the Lost V'lurians.  These are V'lurians who died on a planet and had not been reincarnated before V'lurians abandoned (or were exerminated from) a planet.  I, and possibly other V'lurians who came to Earth fit into this category.  It was normally thought that the Lost V'lurian soul would just wander endlessly or would, itself, "die" from inability to find a suitable host to reincarnate within.  I do not understand what it is about my human body that made it a suitable host, but it makes me wonder if other Lost V'lurians on other planets are reincarnating into non-V'lurian bodies.

Though it may sound like a horrible concept to humans, V’lurians will sometimes eat their own eggs. They will not do so if the egg has become host to a soul (takes about two to four days after being laid), however. This is an intimate ritual shared by the parents, often used as ‘birth control.’


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