This article is the information on V'lurians I have cobbled together from my memories and experiences as a V'lurian. It gives a brief look into each aspect of V'lurian society that I have remembered.

Notes from the Author: I apologize for the lack of dates and accurate timeframes, as time is pretty trivial to a V’lurian. It isn’t very common for them to mark down occasions, as usually, one can turn to the other and say, “Hey, remember a few hundred thousand years ago when…..” and usually be able to reminisce quite clearly. And, for those occasions when the date was recorded for some event, you have to remember this was a different star system and a year for them was different than a year for us, and their standards of measurement were not based upon the cycles of the moons. In addition, I was not alive to witness most of V’lurian history. I am a relatively young soul.

V’lurians are a race of beings who sent a small group to this world around five and a half thousand years ago under the belief that this was our original world. I now do not believe it is, but rather a world similar to it. For those of you who are scientifically minded, the only reason I can see why none of our skeletons were ever found is that there were only about twenty of us on this world at any given time, and we were spread throughout the world.

Physical Appearance



Culture and Society

History (Pre-Earth)

History (Earth)

Magic and Such

Below is a (horribly drawn, I admit) picture I drew of myself as a V'lurian.


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