Now, the reason we came to this world is because, as I stated before, we thought we had come from here originally, though millions of years ago. According to V’lurian legends, we are descended from a single clutch of eggs from a creature that resembles the Pterodactyl. The entire clutch of eggs was composed of “mutants” that were different than their parent. Two thirds of them were the ancestors to the V’lurians, with the other third being the ancestors to the Starumech. Each child was able to breed, but only with each other, it seems. The genetic instability eventually worked itself out after a few dozen generations, each one having a longer life span than the last, and growing more like the V’lurians of today.

At the end of this period the “Cro-Magnon” V’lurians began making a society, while the “Cro-Magnon” Starumech became very reclusive and introspective. We achieved a technology at about the level of Stone Age humans, but spiritually we grew a bit more with each new generation being born. Eventually, we reached the time known as the Exodus. A master-diviner looked ahead to see how best he could guide his tribe in the centuries to come, but saw farther than he was expecting to. What he saw was his world suffering from a cancerous sickness that was corrupting it to the point of destruction. The tribes convened to discuss this event, which he believed was only a millennia or two distant. Efforts were made to redouble their efforts at spiritual growth so that they could find a way to avoid this catastrophe. Eventually, the decision was made to leave the planet, for they feared they would be unable to prevent this event. A suitable planet was found, and the race began to leave the planet, with the Starumech joining them, having been watching over us the whole time. The legends say there were stubborn tribes as well as Starumech that stayed behind, hoping to find a way to stop this plague. For the next few million years, the V’lurians built society after society, but still being “primitive” enough to wage war upon each other. This time was very much a feudal society. Early on, we lost contact with the Home World V’lurians. I don’t know why, and there were no reports of arrival of the catastrophe. Apparently, the communication just stopped. During this time, the true V’lurian soul came to be. Prior to this, only the rare V’lurian would reincarnate as modern V’lurians do.


Around two million years ago, the race became “enlightened” and war and murder and theft ended. It was decided that living harmoniously was simply the better course. Murder was pointless, because your victim would be coming back, and would simply have a grudge against you. Victims forgave their murderers in the sake of an end to the feuding and fighting.

The Lehmerians

Shortly after (about a three or four generations), the Lehmerians attacked. The Lehmerians were found to be a race entirely devoted to violence and bloodshed. They resembled large rabbits, but their bone structure was actually built for fighting. Hand-to-hand fighting was what they were made for, as they could lock the bones of their arms into a straight shaft to the shoulder, then leap forward to deliver a battering-ram punch of lethal power. Though they used a technological weapon more often, simply because it meant they could kill more people before they were brought down. From the mind-probes we did of them, not even their own world is peaceful. They apparently reproduce through nothing but rape, and the children are born fully capable of fighting, and usually overwhelm and kill their parents. The few “scientists” pursue only warfare technology, and pay little heed to the dangers the weapons may cause. A fleet of their ships drifted through the V’lurian star system, a few of them diverting course to attack V’luria itself, simply crashing into the planet and spewing out the survivors. The V’lurians fought with the skills they remembered from the eons of war they had lived through, and eventually the Lehmerians were all wiped out. A few V’lurians traced the Lehmerian ships back to their home world, and allegedly destroyed it with a very powerful weapon that the Lehmerians had built upon their moon. Their names were stricken from the history books for this atrocity. To the newly “enlightened” V’lurians, it would have been better to have to fight off any further attacks than to end the threat to many worlds. After this, the Seumaru clan was formed. It is not a true clan. Members of other clans come join it in order to be the “V’lurian Militia” of sorts in case any other threats arise. A peaceful time follows that ends in the time called the Rediscovery.

The Colonies

As time progressed, V'lurians became curious of life on other planets and sent out many groups to create colonies on other worlds to learn about other life forms and other ways of life.  For a while, these colonies were very open and unguarded towards any new races they found.  Then, an incident happened that forced all colonies to either abandon their homes away from V'luria and return or to change their methods of interaction with the races they had found.  A world that one colony had been founded on was home to a somewhat primitive people that had come to regard the V'lurian visitors as some sort of divine envoy from their god.  Being the type that wished to shower their god with gifts, they started bringing lots of jewelry, meats, and other gifts to the V'lurian camp.  The V'lurians, not entirely understanding the intentions of these people accepted them after many attempts to dissuade the people.  Not knowing what else to do with the items, they wore the jewelry and ate the food.  This went on for many generations of the native people, each generation becoming more skeptical of whether the V'lurians really were divine envoys, but instead were just strange visitors that were taking advantage of their attempts to give gifts to their god.  Eventually, this skepticism became anger and hatred and the natives attacked the V'lurian camp, killing a few V'lurians (creating the first of the Lost V'lurians in the process; see Reincarnation) and forcing the rest to flee through the portal to V'luria and close it off.  Since then, V'lurians who establish colonies on other worlds were told to avoid direct contact with native peoples and to ask that said peoples did not tell others, even through writing things like journals, of their encounters with the V'lurian colonists.  This was thought to be a simple method of ensuring that otherwise kind people would not grow to resent or fear V'lurians through hearing of the encounters and misinterpretting them.  Further, should it become apparent that this request was being ignored, the V'lurian colonists should take steps to move their camp to less accessible places, if possible.
Despite this one bad example, it became common enough for V'lurians to either bring individuals from other races to V'luria or to mate with them on their own world (see asexual reproduction in the Sexuality section) that half-breed V'lurians became somewhat common within many of the V'lurian clans.

The Rediscovery

Many V’lurians had heard the legends of our original home world and wondered what its fate had been. A few ambitious V’lurians probed the stars of their galaxy and found nothing that fit the picture that the legends drew of the star system. Then, they probed other galaxies. The first they scanned had a few systems that were right, but the third planet in the systems had apparently never harbored life. Then, they probed the Milky Way. Seven systems were found of the right proportions, and the first one they sent a closer examination to was this star system. Since the third planet was very similar to what they had been told the original home world was like, they thought that this was obviously the place. Nineteen V’lurians volunteered for the honor of going to the home world and seeing what stage of this catastrophe the world was in and see if those V’lurians who had stayed had fared well in staving off the apocalypse. We found a world unlike what the legends had described the home world as, but we figured it had just changed as much as V’luria had while we had been away. One additional V’lurian came with us, but he was considered insane, so we just let him be, as long as he did so away from us. Of these nineteen, I only remember a few of their names, yet. From the Y’mshinis Clan was me (Takkaddu), my brother Puashu, my cousin Sakkaddué, and a half-breed with a mane and a striped snout whose name was Kharadth. From the Shidoris Clan was Siminé and her father. From Seumaru were a pale warrior and the Aetherworker under his protection. I do not remember much of the others, except the name of Puashu’s future soul-mate, Mimué.


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