Before I begin on this section, let me state that this is one of the things about V'lurians that I do not know a whole lot about. I know some basic facts about things, but nothing terribly in-depth.

V'lurians are all born with at least a small degree of ability to use what would be called magic, here. What I mean by a small degree is that one who has the ability to control fire from birth would be barely able to light a candle if they were focussing as hard as they could if they had no training. At birth, a V'lurian is able to manipulate one of the halsurné. Halsurné means "the basic forces through which the world functions." They can be basically equated to the Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water sorts of elements, but there are more halsurné and they are formed into a hierarchy of sorts.

The djevhalsurné (prime elements) are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Spirit, Time, and a few others that I don't recall very well. This doesn't mean they believed that any liquid was litterally a differnent form of water, but that water was the best example.

The udthhalsurné (lesser elements) are something like a sub-category of one of the djevhalsurné. The udthhalsurné of Fire, for example, would be Light, Heat, Cold, Darkness, Shadow, etc. And, yes, darkness and shadow were two different things. Darkness is simply the lessening or lack of light. Shadow cannot exist without a light source and something to block it. The udthhalsurné would occasionally overlap between two djevhalsurné. For example, Cold was also a udthhalsurné of Water. One in ten V'lurians has control over an entire djevhalsurné, while the rest only control a udthhalsurné. This does not mean that the one in ten were more powerful, as they basically had to learn to control several udthhalsurné at the same time. Control over a single udthhalsurné meant that you had some pretty limited abilities, though. A Light-controlling V'lurian, for example could emit light and gain strength from it, but could not reduce light in an area, for that was the ability of the Darkness-controlling V'lurian.

Now, control over a halsurné did not just mean you could manipulate the element, but that you could gain strength, protection, and sometimes healing from it. A Fire-controlling V'lurian, for example, would start off being burned less by flames. As it progressed in mastery, it would eventually not be burned at all. Eventually, it would be not only unharmed by flames, but be able to be healed by flames or absorb the energy of the flames and be stronger or more energetic. The pinacle of master over a halsurné was the point where the V'lurian was able to transform its body to become a living mass of its halsurné. I have no idea what becoming pure Time would entail, so don't ask.


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