The Beginning

Our “tour of duty” was to be about 15,000 years. The remainder of our natural lives, as we were about 6,000 years old at the time. A Gate was set up to provide travel between V’luria and Earth. This was a form of interstellar teleportation. Others were made later just for convenience sake, as it could take weeks of travel to get to the original one. In the first month, ten of us died from snake bites or other sorts of venomous creatures. (So much for the image of the noble, enlightened V’lurian.) We never had poisonous creatures on V’luria, so when these funny little things suddenly bit us, we wondered why and then died. The Gates were normally too far away to seek out the healing that we could receive on V’luria. Since we had an Aetherworker with us, the other nine knew to start reproducing to bring our lost back to us. We had to discuss such matters with the humans in order to learn what things to avoid. It was against the general concept of being observers, but it was necessary to keep future incidents from happening.

Here’s where the information thins out. Each of us was keeping a journal of our observations to be brought back to V’luria at the end of the 15,000 years. I only remember what I encountered, though I had enough contact with my fellow explorers to know what cultures were safe and which ones weren’t. Over time, we grouped up more and more, eventually with six of us in Hungary at the end of my V’lurian lives. I spent most of my time in Egypt. It’s mostly a blur to me, as one’s work day would be if it lasted centuries. I remember the highlights, however. Love and hatred became the themes that we tended to revolve around in this world. We did not have these emotions when we left V’luria. No V’lurian did, except those of us who spent time on this planet. I fell in love with a human once. She was an Egyptian priestess of Isis. She was killed when Christians attacked and razed her temple and killed all present. My brother, Puashu had had a similar incident, though his human lover was killed “for consorting with a demon.” I had to track him all the way into Siberia, where he was determined to remain and let his part of the studies fall at the wayside. It took a while, but I convinced him to return to Egypt.

About a century later, I was killed for the first time. In the here and now, I do not blame the one who killed me, really. I had gone up to Italy to explore and was feeding off of a farmer’s flock. The second time he saw me, he put an arrow through my shoulder. I fell about fifty feet and broke my neck on impact. My second life began with me being born to Sakkaddué. She nursed me until I could survive on my own, then I sought out my brother. Five hundred years had passed, and my brother had soul-bound himself to a V’lurian lass named Mimué. I accompanied them for a good long time. At this time, only one of the Gates was still open. This was due to a few human attacks on the other Gates, resulting in their closure, either due to humans destroying the physical portion of the Gate, or V’lurians deciding it was too dangerous to keep them open. The last Gate was the original one, and was near the top of a mountain that was difficult to climb. One (or more) of the Starumech had chosen to come to Earth during my between-life. It was allegedly lairing beneath the ocean.

The death of Siminé

Egypt was no longer safe for our kind, so we went into the area of Hungary. Some of the human ‘contamination’ had seeped deeply into us and we, and a few others, fought to protect a small feudal country from outside invasion, in return for safe haven for our kind. Here, I found a horribly disfigured V’lurian woman named Siminé nailed to a tree. Her wings had been cut off, but thankfully, she was unconscious, so I took her back to V’luria to be restored. Once her wings were returned, she followed me with fanatical devotion, and I soon fell in love with her and soul-bound myself to her. My second life ended during a battle between our human allies and a Christian force. Siminé and I were assisting our allies. We were both caught and knocked unconscious. I awoke, nailed to a tree, facing out to a scene that is clearly and permanently etched into my memory. Siminé had also been nailed to a tree, and I was forced to watch as they raped her, beat her severely, and cut her throat. They never showed even a hint of compassion, seeing her as refuse. No matter how much I struggled, I could not free myself from those nails. I nearly tore the nails through my hands, trying to save her. Once she had bled to death (that is the most horrible thing to feel through the link of a soul-binding, let me tell you), they started to beat and kill me, though it was nothing like the pain I’d felt when Siminé had died. This would have been around 1000AD, I believe.

The Unknown End

The final destruction of the V’lurians on Earth is something I was not alive to witness. Kharadth, who had returned to V’luria before it happened, passed on the information that the V’lurian Elders (those who had been reincarnating since our arrival on V’luria, one of which remembered the home world itself) had to say of the end of the Rediscovery. Although I consider this to be propaganda used to prevent any other V’lurian from coming here, I will record it anyway. I filled in the names that they did not know. Kharadth was able to convey the right impressions for me to be able to understand whereabouts he was referring to.

About one hundred years or so after I died last, all of the remaining V’lurians had banded together in France, and had sworn fealty to the King. They defended France from outside elements, including England. England’s King was furious that he was unable to break through the information network of the V’lurians, so he ordered a sorcerous ally to rid the world of the “Demonic Menace.” This sorcerer was a member of an order of sorcerers, and together, they crafted a curse to place on the Earth that would cause all life on the Earth that was not human to become human. Allegedly many of us were airborne at the point that this curse was placed on the earth, and the remainder killed themselves from the anguish of losing their wings.

Kharadth has told me that there is no V’lurian, other than the Elders, who know of the final end of the V’lurians here on Earth. I tend to cling to the hope that they have not yet died, or that they have and will be born again within my lifetime. My reasons for thinking that this is merely propaganda is that I have never believed the humans ever had the power to create such an immensely powerful curse. I also think that the Starumech that lived here would be able to put up a potent defense against this curse, if not for our behalf, then for its own.


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