V’lurians are capable of empathic communication, though it is rather limited in range, and in that it can only work between two V’lurians.

Most V’lurians live within Home Trees (literal translation of the name). These trees are huge beyond human comprehension. They average fifteen miles in diameter and have root systems that stretch for hundreds of miles. Their life span is defined as the time it takes them to breach the atmosphere, at which point they die. Usually, they will stay standing for millennia before decay eventually leads to them falling. Even after falling, they can make excellent homes. They bear fruit upon the tips of the four or five fruit branches that the tree will have near the top. Each is usually the size of a city block. A fruit-fall is much like a watering hole in the African Savannah: animals and V’lurians from miles around will flock to it. The sheer distance dropped is the main force that buries the seed into the ground.

V’lurian jewelry is quite common. It often takes the form of rings around the horns, piercings in the trailing edge of the V’lurian’s wing membranes, and bracelets. Dangling bits, often ribbons, are favored. V’lurian art often focuses around a single sensation and resembles a collage more often than not.

V'lurian "beds" are basically large baskets about five feet wide and long and about ten feet high. Hundreds of little puff-balls that are the seed-carrying method of plants that grow in crevases in the bark of the Home Trees are placed within the basket. The V'lurian then climbs into the basket, burying itself in the puff-balls so that only the tip of the nose (and thus the nostrils) is exposed to the air. Some beds have holes in the side for those V'lurians who prefer to sleep upside down to stick their nose out through, though this causes them to have to toss puff-balls back in every morning.


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