Picture a human in your mind’s eye. Give it membranous wings that should extend to about twice its height. Give it a long, almost serpentine tail. Put claws at the tips of its fingers and toes. Have it stand without the heels touching the ground. Replace the head with a somewhat avian or reptilian head, only more elongated, and it is beaked at the tip, though the skin softens as you go back, becoming more of a lip from the middle back. Two long horns sprout from the back of the head and protrude straight back. These horns are the auditory receptors. The eyes are large and almond shaped and mostly black (though odd pigmentation cells within will cause indescribable patterns to appear) and have three pupils, one primary and two secondary, which give V’lurians very strong peripheral vision. The skin is much like mammalian skin, though most V’lurians are hairless.

A V’lurian’s eyes have millions of tiny pigmentation cells within that are almost constantly changing the coloration of the V’lurian’s eyes, guided by subconscious stimuli. A few rare V’lurians can consciously control this process. Typical ‘displays’ include an effect much like the waves on the surface of water, geometric symbols, and full-eye coloration to show extreme emotion. The primary pupils cannot change color, though the secondary pupils can. The secondary pupils not only increase a V’lurian’s peripheral vision, they also add a degree of single-eye depth perception.


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