Karma views himself as some sort of dark samurai with three eyes. That's about as accurate as I can get, since the individual details change rather often.

Karma is very masculine, has his own code of honor and morals. He feels hatred for those who commit injustices and worse, and desires to learn some sort of physical combat techniques.

I'm not terribly sure where Karma came from, but we think he may have been around even longer than Kael. The fact that his methods bear a bit of similarity to those of Kael or Sulphur originally made us wonder if he might have once been part of the Daemonchild.

Karma spends most of his time trying to keep the Daemonchildren on a short leash. Karma feels that Ko should spend its time trying to make the world a better place by doing the punishment that the government and the police seem so inept at (in other words, punishing criminals in such a way that they won't commit those crimes again). He has a strong code of ethics, but this does not mean he clings to any of the sorts of ethics that Abrahamic Religions would embrace. For example, while he finds rape to be totally abhorrent, he considers murder to be allowable under some circumstances. If a family member is murdered, you are entitled to avenge them, even if that means killing the murderer. However, the murderer's family cannot get their own revenge for killing him/her as he deserved it. He is dismissive about theft, as he doesn't feel anyone really owns anything, no matter how many pieces of paper they can produce to claim they do. Theft, he feels, is healthy for society. People must invent better methods of preventing theft and thieves must invent better ways of getting past the theft-deterrants. Invention requires creative thinking, which is a trait rather lacking in modern generations, so any way of increasing it is no bad thing.


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