Within Ko, there is a subsystem that we have taken to calling the Daemonchilde Subsystem. At first, we were only aware of Kael, who seemed to change dramatically years ago. We have only begun to understand what was really going on with him. There are three that we've encountered so far. Kael, Sulphur, and Laetz. They seem to be the three splits that resulted from the trauma of their original soul. This original soul, who we've not yet learned much of, seems to have been systematically abused by his own family. This was part of some grand design that they had for him, as if his family had raised him with this in mind. They recall some turning point when all the built up pain and rage and sorrow had burst out in a vicious attempt to get revenge against his family, but they recall nothing afterward.


Kael invariably views himself as a man of indefinite age with long black hair, pale white skin, and pitch black eyes that seem to weep shadow. He is wearing a black trenchcoat that has lateral button clasps across the front. The trenchcoat seems frayed at the ends of the cuffs and the bottom edge, but this is because the coat is made of shadows that have little swirling tendrils of shadow seeping from them. He often adds a halo of shadow (like the one in my representation of him on the left) when he is angry. Another common addition is to have wings that seem to be part of the coat with swirling tendrils of shadow all along the trailing edge of them. This is, as he freely admits, not what he looked like, but more of a representation of what he is inside.

Kael's demeanor is of defeat and sorrow, mixed with cold rage. The theory is that Kael represents what their original soul was like before the bubble burst. There is much desire in him to hurt people, as if he blames the world for what happened to him. He has, at times, given some energy to Isis at times when he wanted to get my lust active. We had to spend a bit of energy to keep him contained, but not smothered.

I'm not quite sure where Kael came from, but he was the first our original soul noticed. We remember the day very well. It was the first time I had listened to Nine Inch Nails. I was reveling in releasing taboos that had been built into me by my parents, when Tim felt him awaken within him. From early experiences of blacking out in moments when people were being abusive to Tim at school and then coming to, to find that he'd beat someone into submission, we suspect Kael had been growing from the first day he was picked on for being different than the rest of the kids. The music must have been a catalyst that brought Kael to self-awareness.


This is Laetz's name for the intermediate Daemonchilde. One day the Kael we knew vanished and in his place was a psychotic maniac. He lashed out at everything, eventually having to be subdued by Karma and Takkaddu. After we learned that this was all we could expect from him, we made the binding constant.

I'd barely classify Sulphur as sentient. The most he showed of it was in the ability to come up with inventive insults and explainations of how or why a person should be killed in a gruesome manner. Beyond that, he contributed nothing to conversations, and when we let him take limited amounts of control, all he did was destroy. Our theory is that Sulphur represents their original soul at the moment of hateful release when the bubble burst.

Sulphur initially wore the form of Kael, but a ragged, disheveled Kael. Over time, he grew to resemble Kael less and less, and eventually came to just look like some creature made of volcanic rock with white splotches for eyes. Laetz thinks he simply lost track of what he was "meant to look like."

Sulphur was the only one from the Daemonchilde subsystem that we ever saw for the years between Kael's disappearance and Laetz's appearance.


Once again, a sudden change came over the one we still called Kael. In place, and in the bindings, of Sulphur, we recently found a calm and composed person. The bindings seemed to be ill-fitting, like they were made for someone much bigger (which Sulphur was) and that he could have removed them, but he seemed content to leave them be.

He appeared to us as a man, wearing a puke green suit of rubbery material. Beyond his "fashion sense," he looks just like Kael. But, everything he says revolves around revolting ideas that we choose not to repeat here. He'd contribute to conversations, but mix in metaphors and similes to compare things to some immoral idea. Instead of talking about killing someone, his desires focus more upon defiling them in every way.

It is Laetz that's been filling in the blanks about Sulphur, and somewhat about Kael, even if it's hard to listen to him for very long. We've (and that includes Laetz) come to the conclusion that the three of them are splits of a separate soul that are more or less congealed desire for revenge against the multiverse for the life they lived. We have decided to counsel them, rather than put up with them any more. Takkaddu and Isis, while they certainly don't condone what Laetz wants to do, consider forcing them to change to be a bad thing to do to someone. Karma and Ixia won't stand for their presence under any other condition, and Laetz enjoys the irony that we're going to "defile the defiler," and thus has agreed to it.

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