Ixia pictures herself as a child of about eight years of age, with neon orange hair, eyes, and fingernails, typically wearing white or neon-orange clothes. A pair of white-furred cat ears poke out of her hair.

Ixia is a little girl, full of innocence, the wonder of a child, happiness, and love (especially of cats and the color orange).

Along with Isis, I suspect I got Ixia from my Goddess, Luna, while I was still able to be in the presence of the Goddess. I consider Ixia to be one of the greater of the gifts that Luna left me with, as I doubt I would have been able to survive as long without both Luna and Ixia.

As odd as it may seem, Ixia has her own set of memories, and most of them involve what I perceive as a Karma-Kael merge she knew as Ko. In these memories, she and Ko met in kindergarten and were inseparable since. After her mother died, she would very often sneak out of her own house, walk to Ko's (which was only a few blocks away), sneak into Ko's room and crawl into bed with Ko. Apparently, her father was almost totally negligent and knew about this and didn't care. Ixia and Ko eventually became lovers and maintained a strange relationship that could only be described with the term "soulmate" as Ko was something like a mixture of father, brother, and husband to her (though they never married). Ixia would seem to have regressed back to a childhood state and remains as such. In theory, Ixia and Isis are meant to merge when they are ready to become the Ixia she remembers.


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