Unfortunately, I don't have a cute little representation of Isis to put up here, but I can explain how she pictures herself. Picture a woman of intense beauty, wearing a semi-see-through black dress that seems to wrap around her possessively. Instead of hair, she has what appears to be silver quills, like those of a porcupine, each tipped with blood red.

Isis is not a name she chose. We chose it for her based on what we knew of her. She is a very feminine, sexual person. She is maternal, even going so far as to want to look after those friends we've made that weren't quite ready for the world when we met them, protecting the female ones from the near-predatory attentions of Josua. There is a strong desire in her to learn magick and to work with Takkaddu to try and resurrect the abilities he had in his previous lives.

She doesn't take the reins very often, as she is a relatively weak and easily worn out aspect, but those times she does are the times when we cease to be asexual.

Along with Ixia, I suspect I got Isis from my Goddess, Luna, while I was still able to be in the presence of the Goddess. Sadly, she is a bit sickly, energy-wise, and often has to rely on Ixia for energetic support. The two of them have often formed a construct that retains Ixia's name. This Ixia-Isis construct views herself as an polyamorous teenage girl with an obsession with orange.

Isis hasn't come forward with any of her own memories, if she has any.


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